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Using Humor To Help You Deal With Depression and Anxiety


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You know when you’re waiting for a parking spot at Trader Joe’s and the person in the parking spot you want is taking their own sweet time. They’re texting, putting on make-up adjusting their jockstrap- whatever. They have no sense of urgency that other people in this world have shit to do, so move your fucking car so I can park and get my wine!

Or you have work to do, but you’re stuck in a meeting, and your boss won’t stop talking, and you’re starving, but now you can’t get lunch, and your phone is buzzing, and you’re getting hot and sweaty.

Does every day feel like this? Do you always feel like you’re about to get your period? You’re exasperated. Filled with resentment, and it’s hard to suppress. You can’t stand anyone. You’re aggravated and on edge. 

It’s not quite anger because you can suppress it. It’s IRRITABILITY. Is it normal? Sometimes. Every day? Nope.


Irritability feels like anger, but there’s a difference. 

When you’re angry, you know it. Something specific happened. Or someone said something that pissed you off and go from 0 to 60 instant anger. Irritability is more of a mood. You can feel irritable all day, but there’s nothing, in particular, you’re angry about. Let’s be honest; you’re a cranky bitch. 

Being irritated is a normal experience. Most people have one of those days where everything goes wrong, but if it’s chronic and prolonged, it can be a sign of physical or mental health issues. So not a big surprise that irritability is associated with depression and anxiety.


Before I was diagnosed correctly, I felt like nothing was working. Work sucked, my relationships sucked. I was always annoyed. I felt like there was really something wrong with me other than just being a weird comedy writer. I could not figure out what was wrong. 


Before I started therapy, I talked to my regular doctor, and she asked me basic lifestyle questions. The first one question was, was I getting enough sleep? My answer- no. I would be up till 3 in the morning most nights and getting up early to write with Dana. So, I was sleep-deprived, which I was told was affecting my hormones, concentration, and of course, my mood.

 Sleeping is something I have to work on. I am not a morning person, but I also don’t want to sleep all day. I could sleep all day because my sleep habits are like a teenager. To fix this, I now set the alarm to go to bed. God bless me.


I was never one of those people who carried around a water bottle. I mean, I barely drank any water. On a typical day, I would have maybe a couple of lattes and wine or a margarita. I was dying of dehydration. Ok, I wasn’t dying, but it was time for some water. 

I was also the girl at the salad bar who thought I was being healthy because I had salad, but I would pour ranch dressing all over it. And extra cheese. Or a grilled cheese and fries but I’d have a diet coke cause I’m healthy.

I soon learned after moving to Los Angeles that I was totally doing it wrong. Don’t worry. I haven’t entirely gone to the dark side. I can still eat like a pig, but I know that I need more vegetables and less soda blah blah I’m not going to write about this because that’s for another blog, but you get the gist. But I know that when I eat healthy most of the time I feel better and my mood is way better.


Yes, please. 

There are a few things that can cause irritability; chronic physical pain, side effects of medication, but for moi, it’s mental.

Even if you’re not ready to admit to eternal exasperation, people around you notice. If you notice people around you are telling you you’re cranky or irritable and that makes you more irritable, that’s a big sign. When I started therapy, I was really dismissive and agitated. Still, once I recognized it, I could begin to work on why and what was causing it.

Other than meds, I had to figure out how to soothe myself. Just like a baby. A bitchy little baby.

Some people are just wired to be grumpy and negative, and some people are naturally sunny. But people who are anxious and angry are more likely to have excessive irritability. It’s like lots of crazy energy looking to get out. You have to channel anxiety and anger constructively like a big girl. What do you do when you are irritable? Other than eat pizza 🙂 Leave comments because sharing is caring!


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Sharing is caring!


  1. Lisa

    Thanks for this. I’m sorry you have to deal with it, but glad to hear that you’re actually dealing with it instead of simply medicating your way through (or around) it. It’s also really helpful when someone shares. Personally, I’d been struggling quite a bit with the delightful anxiety/depression combo platter and started to question my sanity when I heard an excellent story on NPR about how menopause isn’t just for hot flashes anymore. Yay.

    It still sucks, but it was a relief to hear other women talk about feeling exactly what I was feeling and also not being able to explain it. So thanks. This is probably more helpful to others than you can ever know. ❤️ LLG

  2. Gina Zapata-Miks

    Omg I am a mega baby bitch. Some of it stems from chronic pain and some of stems from being bat shit, I mean having chronic anxiety and being prone to depression. Daily exercise helps more then my past remedy of eating disgusting amounts of pizza and cookies. Mediation helps too. And insisting on not being around jerks helps too. It took me a long time to stop blaming myself and trusting my douche radar.

    Thanks for sharing your guts. It’s inspiring!!!

  3. I feel like you’re talking about me here. I’m definitely more irritable than I’d like to be. I really appreciate how you tackle this topic with humor!

  4. I am irritable too but by reading this I will def. try to manage my condition. Thanks alot 🙂

  5. I find myself to be really irritable these days and it’s a relief just to have you name it. Thank you! Exercise and deep breathing help. Self-blame does not.

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    Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!
    Appreciate it

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