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Anxiety thrives on uncertainty. And, as the Coronavirus spreads, all of the unanswered questions can make us seriously freak out. It’s crazy weird times in the world, so if you’re like me, your anxiety is thriving! Am I going to get it? Are the people I care about going to get it? Who has it? Have you heard Jenny Abromowitz’s mom got it! All these questions just perpetuate more fear, anxiety, and stress, which sucks for the immune system! So the more you stress out about the Coronavirus, the more vulnerable you become to getting it or any virus.

Here are 6 easy-breezy ways to keep your anxiety on the down low.



People with anxiety usually like to feel in control. So, if you mentally wrap your head around the fact that the virus is in or will be in your community, you may feel a sense of relief. Embrace working from home. You don’t have to wear a bra!! Maybe you’re now homeschooling your kids. Instead of worrying that they’ll never get a decent education from you, think about Debbie down the street. She’s homeschooling her kids, and she thinks Coronavirus can be cured by drinking hand sanitizer. Clearly Debbie has three brain cells so you win!! Also, pick a trusted news source to get all your updates on what’s going on out there. Maybe don’t get it from Facebook? Just a thought. At the end of the day, tell yourself, “I’ve done the best I can.”


You definitely want to be in the know, but don’t obsess over the news. Being bombarded with numbers for cases and supplies can unintentionally crank your fear way up!

Just take the necessary steps to protect yourself and stay informed, then wash your hands and make a pizza. Re-watching or re-reading every newscast or article will not reduce your risk of getting it. So look at Twitter in small doses, and meditate, levitate, or pray to whoever you worship to get through the day.

I know I’m saying unplug, but this is different. For calming down, I like the RESILIO APP: BREATHING MEDITATION. This app also helps with number 3.


There’s still a lot to learn about the Coronavirus, but it’s a proven fact that well-rested people are better at fighting off viruses. Ask anyone’s mother. If you can’t sleep, try CBD or Melatonin. Both can help knock you out for a little. There are cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques for sleeping, so maybe that could be your jam? And if you need the hard stuff, no judgment. Just get your rest!!


OK, this is difficult, I know. I’ve been stress eating like a mofo. Comfort food is real! But I know I don’t have to tell you that chocolate cheesecake is not going to help fight Coronavirus. You’re gonna have to change out of your sweat pants at some point. Eat some fruits and veggies to boost your immune system. It won’t kill you to dip a carrot in some hummus instead of the entire sleeve of thin mints. You will feel better and not beat yourself up for being gluttonous like I have. Yep, I’m just like you.

All the gyms are closed. Your pilates studio is non-existent. What are you going to do about your booty? But at the same time, your stress levels are through the roof. How can you get it all out and feel slightly healthy? Take a long walk. Do a Youtube yoga video. Do squats to 80’s music. Whatever you can do will help. Let’s not all fall to Jello. I can feel my muscles atrophying as I type, so move that bod!



We can’t sterilize our neighborhood. There is only so much we can do. But as you’ve heard a million times WASH YOUR HANDS! And then put on a luxurious hand cream, so your hands don’t look like old prunes left in the back of Grandma’s pantry. Wash them good too. They say 20 seconds of washing a minimum. Some people sing Happy Birthday, but I’ve taken to this little diddy

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy
But here’s my number, so call me maybe
It’s hard to look right at you baby
But here’s my number, so call me maybe
Hey I just met you and this is crazy
But here’s my number, so call me maybe
And all the other boys try to chase me
But here’s my number, so call me maybe

Thank you, Carly Rae Jepsen. Sorry if this is in your head now.


Stay six feet away from everyone. Unless it’s a lover than lucky you, but there is no reason for you to be standing so close to everyone anyway. Keep your distance or droplets will be falling in your mouth for the love of God.  If you can smell their breath, you’re too close.

And at the end of the day, no nose picking, eye rubbing, finger-licking you get it.

Hopefully, all these basic things will help your anxiety during this crazy wacked out time. Everything is so weird, but we’re all going through it, so tits up everybody! What are you doing to calm yourself??

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29 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS ANXIETY”

  1. Great post, all these ways to keep your anxiety low and not flip out are wonderful and helpful for readers.

  2. I wish people would take this whole quarantine and social distancing seriously. Sadly in my country, politicians are more keen in taking money rather than helping the people. Sigh.

  3. These are the great points against anxiety for corona virus. Many people getting more frustrated because of increasing death and infected by the virus I hope this would be end soon 🙁

  4. These are great tips to keep anxiety down. We all need this right now.

  5. Jimmy

    Great post about the Coronavirus, very informative

  6. I definitely need to unplug. There is too much fearmongering going on.

  7. All unplugged these days, especially at early mornings and at nights when I have to work. To be honest, this whole thing probably is the trigger for all of us to slow down and take things more intentionally.
    I’m also sharing tips about it on the blog, helps me control my feelings and stay on track with life! Journaling can also be a great way to let go of all the drama.
    Stay safe, Miljana at

  8. Kiwi

    I have some friends and family who are shutting down due to fear and anxiety. I can see why but we have to be strong dont let this take over our mental health.

  9. True. Although I feel these are good so long as the zone has not entered stage 3. And yes again, panicking is quite obvious now. However still we hold up, hopeful for the future.

  10. I can bare the first two weeks but it is now nearly a month in self isolation & it is getting more depressing. I do jiu jitsu as my solace & now I don’t know how long will I be able to return on the mat because of this virus.

  11. Bella

    I for sure needed to unplug there way to much bad news but Ive been staying healthy. Thanks for sharing this information super helpful!

  12. I actually have no anxiety at all about Coronavirus honestly. I eat VERY healthfully and work out every single day and feel pretty good that I am doing what I can to stay healthy 🙂

  13. Amen to ALL OF THIS. I’ve also been meditating a lot, which has helped me a lot.

  14. Rose Ann Sales

    This pandemic gives me anxiety too. That’s why I always wash my hands and keep updated the news.

  15. I am ready for all of this to be over honestly. People need interaction and to live alongside of each other. It is a basic human need that we all need to get back to soon.

  16. Staying healthy is the most important thing of all..great work..Thanks for motivation …this blog is very helpful and informative.,..

  17. joanna

    Social media is one of the worst anxiety boosters out there. I chose to stay away from it, I don’t even read the news. And I feel so much better.

  18. Sophia John

    Care yourself and care others. Be safe and be relax. Thank you for the tips

  19. These are some great tips. I know some people have to deal with anxiety. I’m fortunate that I don’t suffer with much anxiety overall. But was a bit nervous when this whole thing started. It’s so crazy how different life is today than in was back in the beginning of March. Just crazy!

  20. The first couple of weeks were very hard to be honest, we needed to adjust to a new routine, we’re coping a lot better now.

  21. catherine santiago jose

    Great post and your tips will definitely help the person to avoid himself/herself to be in this situation.

  22. Exercise has helped me to stay relax during this lockdown, can be very frustrating as we cannot go out and meet our love one.

  23. Sundeep

    This pandemic period almost giving anxiety to everyone but we not to control on it. These are some amazing tips. Thanks for sharing with us

  24. This pandemic actually gives us no choice but to be strong, healthy, hopeful and stay sane until its over.

  25. I am the type of person who can thrive on isolation, so I really enjoyed staying at home. I know it was difficult for a lot of people, so I am glad you put up these tips.

  26. Covid can really give us all these negative emotions but thank you for giving us tips to stay calm 🙂

  27. Elizabeth O

    This time of pandemic, there’s a lot of people who are getting bored staying in their houses. and thanks for this tips, really helpful to cope boredom and anxiety. Just think positive always and pray.

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