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Using Humor To Help You Deal With Depression and Anxiety

Hi! I’m Julia. 

I have depression and anxiety, but I’m also a comedy writer. It sounds like an oxymoron, but comedy writers understand this dichotomy.

I live in Los Angeles and have a gorgeous comedy partner. Her name is Dana, and we’ve been writing and performing together for a thousand years. She’s also my best friend, gosh bless her.

When my niece and nephew were little, they couldn’t pronounce my name so, they called me Aunt Jewey. Turns out, that’s who I am. It’s my brand.

I’m doing this blog because when I started my mental health pilgrimage, most of the info I could find on depression and anxiety were too medical or too woo woo.  I couldn’t find anything that had my irregular sensibility.

I can be cynical, but I’m not a hater! I’m just like you trying to figure out this happiness thing everyone’s been talking about. And after years of being in therapy, group therapy, and taking medication, I get a lot of questions from people about how they could help themselves. So here is everything I’ve learned in one big fat place!

By using humor to share thoughts, feelings, and whatnots about my depression and anxiety, hopefully, I will make you laugh and feel less alone.

I know it’s hard to find anything amusing when you’re in a deep depression or having an anxiety attack at a party in front of everyone, but humor has been the one thing that can snap me out of it.

Please, know I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Or a therapist. Or a self-help kinda gal. I’m just a person who might be one step ahead of you in my mental health crusade. All ideas and thoughts are from my personal experience.

Also, I can be totally inappropriate and weird, so if you’re tightly wound, this blog may not be right for you. I also swear. Balls.