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5 Best Things For nighttime Anxiety #anxiety #sleeptips #anxious


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Having anxiety sucks. Just like depression, there are lots of different symptoms and different types of anxiety disorders, so I didn’t realize what it was for the longest time.

When I first started therapy, I told my therapist that I didn’t have anxiety. I was maybe depressed, but anxiety, no way. I can’t believe she didn’t laugh in my face! After being in therapy for a while, I realized that I sure do have anxiety, I just didn’t know what it was. I thought it was normal to relentlessly obsess and future-trip about anything in the future that may not even happen.

Therapy has made me so much more aware of what’s happening with me. My anxiety is always strongest at night. It’s when I take inventory of every embarrassing or inappropriate thing I’ve ever done. Or I future-trip about anything and everything.  None of these thoughts are helpful. I have to remind myself that I have anxiety, and it’s causing me to have irrational thoughts. I tell myself to breathe, and calm down, ya weird woman!

Here are my 5 FAVORITE THINGS that I use at night to help me fall asleep. My bedroom is part mental hospital part Ashram. I’ve tried, and will try everything!


I tailor my room just for me. I keep the temperature cool and don’t laugh, but I have a noise machine, air purifier, and a salt lamp. Lots of low whirring sounds. I love it because it blocks out any distracting outside noise, like my neighbors fighting. I also keep it really dark except for a tiny glow of the salt lamp. Bless my heart.


Try not to drink anything, especially caffeine and alcohol, a couple of hours before bed. Yes, I know wine is delicious, but unless you like waking up a million times in the middle of the night to pee, I would try not to drink before bed. Get your drinks in early at happy hour.


a natural hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. It’s something your body produces naturally. It won’t knock you out like Ambien, but it definitely relaxes you. I get the peppermint ones from Trader Joes. Melatonin can help you sleep, but it can make it hard to get up in the morning. At least for me. Please discuss this with your doctor before trying melatonin in case it wouldn’t be right for you!


Turn off your phone!! This is a big one for me. Or you can set a do not disturb on your phone. Mine is set for when I go to bed and to end when I have to get up. Sadly I won’t hear any booty calls. But also, looking at your phone increases anxiety. It’s reminding you of things you have to do or look at pictures of friends who are “thriving.” I will end up going down a rabbit hole, and by 3 in the morning, I’m looking at pictures of an ex-boyfriends sister’s cousin’s trip to Jamaica in 2013. It’s ridiculous and will keep you up.


No, you will not get stoned! It’s a phytocannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Basically, it’s the stuff from the cannabis plant that can induce sleepiness and relax you. I buy it as a tincture and drop a little under my tongue before bed. CBD can also be infused into different products like edibles. Just remember some edibles have THC, which will get you high. But if you’re a stoner, go for it. Either way, you have to ask your doctor about CBD because it may not be right for you!

If anyone has any other tricks for surviving nighttime anxiety or anxiety, in general, I am open for business. Please share cause sharing is caring.

The best things for nighttime anxiety. #sleep #anxiety #insomnia

Sharing is caring!


  1. Erin

    10mg melatonin have saved me.

  2. I love your blog name by the way! I myself suffer from anxiety. Not so much nighttime anxiety but as a motivational speaker, I do have issues with ‘performance anxiety’ from time to time. These tips you provided are great! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Julia Wolov

      Thank you so much for reading 🙂

  3. Nilakshi at merakimusings

    Very informative post. I put soft music and candles every night. Its refreshing. Thank you!

  4. These are great ways to relax. I often have nighttime anxiety and I find that sometimes technology can be the cause. It can be very hard to separate yourself from technology, but is so vital when getting a good night’s rest. Lately, I have been disconnecting the wifi and completely turning off the network so I can get some much needed shut eye. Great blog. Very useful.

    1. Julia Wolov

      At night I basically have to hide my phone from myself!! Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. I enjoyed this 🙂 I have been suffering with nocturnal stresses recently trying to expand my blog so this is useful!

  6. Nighttime anxiety is the absolute worst. I suffer terribly from it, especially on Sunday nights.

  7. These are amazing tips, thank you so much…I heard about Melatonin but never tried it, I would love to try it.

  8. Turning off the phone is definitely a great way to battle nighttime anxiety. I’ve slept much better ever since I started this habit.

  9. I feel this sometimes at night. And these tips are helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  10. catherine santiago jose

    This is such a life saver, especially no caffeine before going to bed really helps me big time.

  11. Chelsea Sauve - Wandure

    I’ve tried many of these deeps alongside some deep breathing and find them to be magical in effect! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for the tips. This will help me a lot.

  13. I try to put my phone off after the working hours. Most of the time I leave it in the office.

  14. I suffer from depression and anxiety and so these things are actually pretty accurate! Thanks for sharing!

  15. This is really nice, I feel you on the noisy neighbors and outside noise. I would rather play relaxing music with headset or something like that because I’m looking for a quite environment.

  16. Sundeep

    Thanks for sharing some amazing tips to fight with night time anxiety.

  17. Suffering with anxiety, is no joke. It’s very important you the individual is able to naturally rid and calm your symptoms. Great tips.

  18. I heard Samantha used the term melatonin in Sex and the city and she said it helps her in her menopausal symptoms. Someday soon, I can try it.

    1. Julia Wolov

      Haha! That’s right! It definitely helps me sleep 🙂

  19. I really struggle with night time anxiety – your post has some really helpful tips though, thank you so much for sharing

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