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Using Humor To Help You Deal With Depression and Anxiety

Signs you have high-functioning depression. #depression #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depressionhumor


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I’ve talked a lot about signs of high functioning depression with my therapist. I keep thinking about it because, with most mental health issues, you don’t look sick, or necessarily act sick, so it’s confusing. You seem totally fine, and most people with high functioning depression can hide it really well. I should know. I work in comedy where everyone is depressed, but that’s a whole other post. Most people don’t even know they have it. I didn’t. I used to think someone was full of shit if they were excited about a beautiful day. I would nod and say, “sure is,” but inside, I would think they can’t be serious. It turns out I was the one who had a skewed way of thinking because I have good ol depression. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed and medicated that I could appreciate the little things in life. I still struggle, but now I know what’s up. If you relate to any of these SIGNS of high functioning depression, please get your buns to a therapist.


The things that you used to have fun doing or looked forward to like a yoga class, dinner with friends, hooking up with randoms, crafting, or whatever floats your boat don’t excite you anymore. They feel like burdens or stuff you want to avoid because it feels like such an enormous effort. You have tickets in great seats to Dolly Parton at the Hollywood Bowl, and you don’t even break a smile! Big fat SIGN of high functioning depression.

RELENTLESSLY CRITICAL — of yourself and others

You have a constant internal narrative that’s critical of yourself, of others, and of the world in general. You pick yourself apart, you think you’re a failure, your thighs are huge, you think your boss is a moron, your partner’s the most irritating person in the world, and life sucks ass. These negative thoughts feel like a tape constantly playing in your brain and you can’t turn it off total- SIGN.


You constantly doubt whether or not you’re smart enough for your job, whether you’re in the right relationship, or if you’re even capable of being in one at all. You doubt what you’re doing with your life and if you’re even a normal adult. This constant self-doubt could be situational, but it feels like you can’t move past it- SIGN.


You find yourself losing your shit way too quickly. Your mother says something wrong, your coworker didn’t proofread a project, or your kid just spilled blue nail polish on the coffee table. Your irritability and quick to anger are on another level. You find yourself exploding in a way that is disproportionate to what pissed you off. Basically, you’re a raging bitch on wheels. Definitely a SIGN.


If it feels like getting through each day is like walking up the Grand Canyon with a sumo wrestler strapped to your back. You feel like you barely have the physical, emotional, and mental capacity to handle your life anymore. You feel like you have no energy AT ALL- SIGN.


You have a constant fear that you chose the wrong career (comedy) and that your ovaries are drying up (they have). Or that you married the wrong person, or how you’ll take care of your parents when they get older because you still have to pay off your credit cards and on and on. Everyone has these worries from time to time, but if feelings of guilt and fear over your past and future are continually dominating your thoughts- SIGN.


You are daydreaming, stargazing or just checked out every chance you get. If I could get paid for staring into space, Jeff Bezos would be my financial competition. Or you numb out on alcohol, weed, internet surfing, constant Netflix to escape your life- SIGN.


You feel a generalized sense of sadness that you can’t seem to pinpoint. Like nobody has died, and you’re not going through a breakup. You turn off your favorite song in the car, Push It by Salt N Pepa because you’re so numb you can’t even enjoy a beat. Or you stop smiling the minute you close your front door and sink into a deep sense of hopelessness- SIGN.


You feel overwhelmed or crazy stressed out by something that happens that maybe wouldn’t have felt like such a massive deal in the past. Like the heel breaks off your favorite boot that you bought with all your tips from bartending, you spill salad dressing on your computer trackpad, your emails aren’t going through, and it feels like your career is over. It’s the end of the world! Instead of the annoyance that it is, your response is disproportionate to whatever is happening. You’re acting like a lunatic- big SIGN.


Society encourages perfectionism — get into an amazing school, land an amazing job, write the perfect script, have the perfect nose, be a perfect weight, strive, strive, strive. But perfectionism goes too far where striving for all this shit turns into unrealistic demands of yourself. You psychologically beat yourself up when you fall short of the bar you have set. If you find yourself doing this and it’s causing you distress- SIGN.


You need to clean up and organize your place the minute you get home from a long day at work before you even consider sitting down. You have to color-code your books and alphabetize your bills NOW! You find yourself uncomfortable with stillness and calm periods because of the painful thoughts and feelings you have when you do actually chill out- SIGN.

Most likely, everyone can see themselves in this list some of the time.

Occasional low energy, engaging in your favorite coping mechanism, or irritability after a bad night’s sleep, is a normal and natural thing to do. Please, I love myself a big fat glass of wine after a long day.

What I mean is if you’re feeling most of these signs, most of the time, for long periods, like months if not years. That’s when there’s a higher possibility that you’re showing signs of high functioning depression. And it sucks. And you don’t have to feel like that 24–7. Go to a therapist and sort it out!

Calling out to all my high functioning depressive brothers and sisters- let the people know in the comments what you do to make it through the day, or what keeps you from not making it through the day. Or share this post because sharing is caring! 

11 Signs of high functioning depression #depression #depressionhumor #mentalhealth #selfhelp #lowenergy #anger

Sharing is caring!


  1. Super informative post. Great to know what to look out for. Thanks.

  2. This post is so relevant today! I think it’s so important that we can recognize these signs in ourselves and perhaps in others. It’s so important to talk about these things. I definitely experience some of the things on this list from time to time. Learning to be gentle on myself, and I’m working to be more mindful and gentle of others as well!

  3. You are a really good writer!
    Your descriptions are true medical symptoms with some comical moments! 🙂
    Having experienced this, I just need to say that sometimes even therapy doesn’t work unless you change something in your life.
    I’m sharing this with a friend who thinks he’s better now and he quit his therapy – all the signs are still there.
    I hope you are feeling ok and I wish you tons of luck in 2020! 🙂

    1. Julia Wolov

      Aw, thanks for passing on! I’m definitely not a doctor. Just have had lots of therapy and read some books 🙂 Happy New Year!!

  4. Great article. I’m glad you addressed this. Left untreated, high function depression can become debilitating depression. People need to know these signs!

  5. Great article! Left untreated, high functioning depression can become debilitating depression. Thank you for sharing the signs!

    1. Julia Wolov

      Thank you for stopping by!

  6. I really needed to read this today. So, I’m glad I came across it. I used to think depression wasn’t full on depression until you couldn’t get out of bed. But sometimes it’s just about walking around in a fog of sadness while still going about your day. Thanks for breaking it down so clearly.

  7. Tamyara

    Wow! A great article on on depression. Thank you for addressing this issue.

  8. Peg

    Still living with high functioning depression but fear it is getting worse. Socializing or going into public places feels like torture. I still work and leave my house everyday but all I think about is when can I go home and get into my bed. Seeing a counselor but seems like things are getting worse instead of improving. Hate feeling like this and really hate living like this

    1. Julia Wolov

      Yes, depression is the worst. Especially when “you don’t look sick” so people don’t get it. I completely get how you feel. Have you talked to your counselor about any other alternatives to help? A different kind of therapy? Or medication (which has saved me). They’re a lot of different ways people can get relief. Definitely ask your counselor! You don’t have to live like this. xo

  9. Cindy

    Im really loving this site and the whole entire concept in general. I have an entire LIST of things to do every day that I KNOW will make me feel better, but then I don’t check those items off and feel even more frustrated! It’s good to know that I’m not the only one, and that sometimes just doing the “little things” – like getting some sunlight on your skin can have precessive effects on your whole entire day. And I’m especially loving the idea of using comedy as community and a healing mechanism instead of a coping mechanism – although it’s great for that too. I’m in! And will be following closely- keep up the great work, and, THANK YOU. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Loretta

    People who don’t know depression, won’t know what you going through. I can relate to to each point discussed and it’s VERY scary. Now I know I’m not alone and have mutual “friends”, suffering from depression. Stay strong.

  11. kellyjo

    Well thought out. Well written. You covered it all in a very concise way. I will save this article to share with people who I want to have a better understanding of depression. Cause if you don’t have it, you get it!

  12. I suffer from this as well since taking meds has made it better for years I feel robbed of happiness because people in general frown on depression medication this is real wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  13. Ashley Pender

    I got 8 out of 11 of these symptoms and I don’t know how to feel about it. I mean, I’ve been dealing with this ever since like April or May and it has only been getting worse. Then, each time I think I’m getting better, it turns out I’m not. To me, it seems like it’s only getting worse.

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