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Using Humor To Help You Deal With Depression and Anxiety


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  1. An elephant is sitting on your chest, farting in your face.
  2. Being on the upside of a seesaw when your “friend” hops off.
  3. Everyone you love dying at once in front of you.
  4. Having projectile diarrhea all day every day.
  5. Accidentally eating four times the amount of edibles than everyone else.
  6. Waking up and immediately getting punched hard in the face by The Rock.
  7. Losing a bet and having to make out with someone’s Peepaw.
  8. Being stuck inside a volcano while going through menopause.
  9. Mistakenly taking an Ambien right before the SATs.
  10. Watching any relative make love.
Everyone gets depressed, but only the lucky ones get majorly depressed #blessed. Even though I work in comedy, I learned early on that being funny does not equate to being happy. I had obviously heard of depression, but I thought it was just a fleeting emotion, regular run of the mill sadness. I never thought depression was a legit illness that has to be managed. So, when my shrink told me I had Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety, I was like WTF is that? All this time, I thought I was just a moody bitch. I’ve been working on myself hardcore for the past three years to try to keep it in check and figure out what works for me. It turns out medication and therapy are my thang, but this combo may not work for everyone. Depression doesn’t go away, but I will share all the things that have helped me, so maybe you won’t stay in bed all day and cry. No? Just me? Cool. PS I am not a doctor. And this is my first post ever! Use humor to cope with depression and anxiety

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  1. Dave Hardison

    Depression is an earworm; a set of lyrics you can’t get out of your head. Only instead of something cool like “We will, we will rock you! We will we will rock you!” it’s a song that goes “You are just a f$&@ up! You are just a f$&@ up!”

      1. Stephanie Christner

        Me too! Hi Aunt Jewey

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