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Using Humor To Help You Deal With Depression and Anxiety


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  1. I don’t need medication? Last time I stopped, I tried to murder the person who gave me that advice.
  2. I should try essential oils? I did, but they tasted terrible.
  3. Pray it away? I tried, but God said she hates me and told me to tell you the same thing.
  4. I should try exercising? I was gonna say the same thing to you!
  5. Change my diet? I’m not giving up pizza. It’s literally the only thing that makes me happy. Yes, literally.
  6. Have you tried meditation? I’m doing it right now, so please stop talking.
  7. I wouldn’t date someone who took medication. Good thing I’m not interested.
  8. I need to do acupuncture? Sorry. I have a no prick policy.
  9. I should say affirmations every morning? I do. I say, don’t kill yourself, don’t kill yourself, don’t kill yourself.
  10. I should try manifesting? You should try manifesting a better personality.

How dare I call myself a comedy writer! These comebacks need work, so feel free to chime in.

Please don’t tell me a brisk walk will cure my depression. It’s annoying, and it’s not true. For the love of God, pill shamers, shut your holes, and sit down!

I know it’s hard for people without depression, anxiety, or any mental illness to understand, but I don’t understand your zest for life! So we’re even.


In case you don’t know who pill shamers are, they are the people who find disdain for anyone that takes medication. It almost exclusively affects the mental health community, and this pressure can cause someone to stop taking them. 

This pisses me off because I was the person who believed all the chatter. I took it to heart and stopped taking my meds! I would go off my medication to clean out my toxins. WTF does that even mean? Sorry everybody, but green juice did not make me want to live my life to the fullest.

 Yes, some pills are problematic, and I know we have a crazy opioid epidemic in America, but nobody is getting addicted to SSRI’s. That’s not what I’m talking about.

To be honest, all the stuff in the top 10 list is great, and I actually do some of them, but it’s not enough for me. Nothing is going to cure my depression, but three things have helped me manage it- medication, therapy, and humor.

It’s been a lot of trial and error to get here, but I’ve learned some things along the way. Everybody’s depression manifests itself in different ways. There’s not a one size fits all.

Some people don’t need medication.

They can go for a run, and it subsides their depression, but I’m not that girl. You don’t want me off my meds running around. If you see me, hide. 

For so long, I didn’t talk about taking pills because I felt embarrassed. I thought to take them was a crutch, or I wasn’t as strong as other people who didn’t need medication. 

I’ll still hear some annoying family member say to snap out of it or the woke person who conquered their depression with Tai Chi.

I will probably be taking medication for the rest of my life.

Will it cure me of depression? No, but it will help me manage my thoughts, so I don’t jump off a cliff.

I’m obviously pro meds FOR ME. You have to do what is best FOR YOU. If you don’t want to take meds and rubbing lavender oil on your butt three times a day helps your depression, God bless!

Hopefully, this misguided way of thinking is changing. I think if you can be open about it, it won’t be this secret that nobody talks about. So brothers and sisters, say it loud and proud.


Sharing is caring!

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